New print for Last Days of Summer

I recently got back into the darkroom to make a print of the negative I had taken of a Purple Moon Calla Lily. I took the photograph about 3 months ago but now was able to finally get a print made of it and it was worth the wait. The flower, which was growing in my yard and was the first and last of the plants that I would see on my ride was this beautiful deep purple that I know would look amazing on the black backdrop I have been using for the series. After processing the negative I could not wait to print it but due to work and shooting another project I was only now able to get a print made. To continue the series the like the rest is a contact print on Ilford warm tone multigrade fiber base paper. Now that the series is "mostly" complete I will start making 16x20" silver gelatin prints that also will be available for sale in the store section of my site.


I hope you enjoy