hunting for snakes

Here is a new portrait I did this summer of children getting back to basics and enjoying being out in nature. Today technology runs the world and its great to see people getting back to basics and enjoy just being outside.


this is a contact front from my 5x7 camera on ilford hp5.

Dark room time.

snow in April means perfect darkroom weather. 16x20 prints from series Last Days of Summer. All prints for sale. 



New print for Last Days of Summer

I recently got back into the darkroom to make a print of the negative I had taken of a Purple Moon Calla Lily. I took the photograph about 3 months ago but now was able to finally get a print made of it and it was worth the wait. The flower, which was growing in my yard and was the first and last of the plants that I would see on my ride was this beautiful deep purple that I know would look amazing on the black backdrop I have been using for the series. After processing the negative I could not wait to print it but due to work and shooting another project I was only now able to get a print made. To continue the series the like the rest is a contact print on Ilford warm tone multigrade fiber base paper. Now that the series is "mostly" complete I will start making 16x20" silver gelatin prints that also will be available for sale in the store section of my site.


I hope you enjoy



Christmas Tree Ship

5x7 split tone contact print from new series Witch of November posted on my site. *** Schooner Rouse Simmons hauling christmas trees sank November 23nd, 1912 6 miles northeast of Rawley Point WI amid gale force winds and heavy seas. Around mid afternoon at roughly 3:10pm the ships flag was at half mast and was its last sitting before sinking taking all souls on board. Photo taken, November 23rd 2017 with SW winds 10-15 knots waves 2 feet or less temperature 39 and sunny. 



New film shot for Serpentijn Art and Athletics

I just processed some of my 120mm film I shot recently while doing portraits for Serpentijn Art and Athletics.  


Gotta love the feel of film. Shot on bronica sq with 110mm f4 macro on Ilford fp4.